As a fan snack foods, I feel obligated to try them all at least once. Oreo, within the past few years, have certainly branched out with different ideas and flavors of their popular cookie. Yesterday was the first time I was surprised with their new Mega Stuf Oreo. But, is it worth it?

You know when you put two Double Stuf Oreos together to make a Quadruple Stuf? It's like that. It even kind of looks like two of the filling patties stuck together for you. If the filling is your favorite part of the Oreo, these are absolutely for you.

The first one I grabbed even fell apart in my hands so if trying to twist off the cookies poses a problem for you, you won't have to worry. The cookie part comes right off.

They were available in classic chocolate and the 'golden' style. I found these at Walmart but I'm sure they're available elsewhere.

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