This is such sad news. One of my favorite TV actresses, Erin Moran, was found dead in Indiana on Saturday (April 22). She was Richie Cunningham's kid sister, Joanie, on the long-running sitcom, '70s sitcom, "Happy Days." I never missed an episode. Joanie was always my favorite and when Scott Baio entered the scene, I was in heaven. Erin Moran was amazing on "Happy Days." I also loved Pinky Tuscadero, who was the girlfriend of "The Fonz," played by Henry Winkler.

When I started in radio, I tossed around several on-air names, but "Jammin Joanie" won in my head. Erin Moran is the reason why I went by that crazy radio name for years. People still call me that every now and again.

Erin Moran was an inspiration to me. I felt like I actually knew her. Meeting her was on my bucket list.

My she rest in peace.

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