With Todd being out sick for the better part of this week, I've been handing the big badass rock stick known as 94.5 KATS-FM all by myself. Now, in my past 16 years of radio, I've gone solo on air, a vast majority of the time. That was usually my shift. Didn't matter if it was back in the days of Altered Rock & Timmy's Basement, to my stint heading The Work Release Program, those shifts were meant to be a solo act. The morning show, which Todd has done solo numerous times, is meant to be a two-or-more party. So it really has given me a new perspective on all the stuff that Todd really does, while I get to play Robin to his Batman.

It's a great juggling act. Making sure the songs start, what to talk about next, make sure to do this live commercial read, don't forget to promote this, do the web post about this, promote the web post and make it all sound smooth! Not to mention when something goes wrong. "Oh no, audio is missing, the Listen Live is down," MICROPHONE BROKE! Etc., etc. He handles things, and does a great job at it, not to mention his I'm pretty sure he been doing for more than 20 years.

On the flip side, it has been nice not hearing him gripe about "no coffee" or having to pretend I understand baseball when he talks about how the Mariners screwed up this week. I usually just smile and nod. I will say the best thing about Todd being gone this week... is the view I get to see (pictured above). Usually my back is to the window and I get to look at Todd. Now granted he is a sexy beast, but seeing the beautiful trees and hillside as the sun rises helps me greet the day, that and once in a while the lady in the house walks around topless (j/k ... kinda).

So when Todd is gone I will look forward to the view, and when he is here, the witty friendship and conversation I have with him is what gets me through. Get well soon, my friend! The sales people keep asking me stuff, so I just talk about "Star Wars" till they leave.

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