West Goes East
Kelly West will be leaving for another radio opportunity in Fayetteville, N.C. Her final day will be Friday, Nov. 17.
R.I.P., Joanie
This is such sad news. One of my favorite TV actresses, Erin Moran, was found dead in Indiana on Saturday (April 22). She was Richie Cunningham's kid sister, Joanie, on the long-running sitcom, '70s sitcom, "Happy Days." I never missed an episode. Joanie was alw…
94.5 KATS-FM Tour
Francis Ford Coppola was too stuck up to direct this for us so I got behind the lens for an in-depth investigative documentary into the inner workings that lead to the brilliance you hear each day on 94.5 KATS-FM. You're welcome! Where's my Oscar for Best Cinematography...
Snuff the rooster? WTF?
Hoping it will somehow help the Green Bay Packers' chances against the Seattle Seahawks in Sunday's NFC championship at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, a Wisconsin classic-rock radio station is banning any Seattle- or Washington-based bands until after the game.
WTF? This is the craziest thin…

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