So the other day, after Todd & I got off the air, and Janna was well on her way to rocking Yakima. I did what many of us do when we get a break from work. Well, okay, I don't smoke, so I did what the rest of us do on our smoke breaks. I went to use the restroom. Now I've compared bathrooms in the past. In those comparisons I've talked about how clean they were. How well stocked. Even the acoustics and ventilation systems. I will say, none of them that I've used, have what our amazing tiny men's restroom has! Yes, the men's restroom at the top of the hill at 4010 Summitview, home of 94.5 KATS in side the radio ranch of Townsquare Media.

After I finished doing my business, something amazing happened! Something so awesome, I had to record it! I then confused, worried, and horrified many of the other people still working through out the radio halls. Some of them in their offices, others in production studios, and even still on-air in the other radio stations. I was very loud with my excitement. Me running out of the bathroom yelling "TODD!! COME SEE WHAT I RECORDED!" I would like to share this amazing video with you.

Who knows, maybe with the Coronavirus still going around, that was the reason for the soap dispenser's excitement! It felt like it was it's time to shine and ready, willing and able to keep me safe! Either way, I laughed, washed, recorded, laughed again! Who thought washing your hands would be so sexy! Thank you soap dispenser... thank you!

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