A gas station catching on fire is something you would not expect to see in Yakima. Yet this is precisely what happened Thursday evening (May 14th) on North 1st Street.

Yakima resident, Travis Bryant, noticed the blazing ground-level fire and caught a phone cam video of the scene from inside a car. He posted the video inside a local based Facebook group with the caption, "Does any one know what caused the fire at the 1st Street am/pm this guy is seriously still just pumping gas with fire around him."

When I asked via a Facebook comment to Travis if I could post his phone camera video to our website, someone named Alexa in the comments hilariously replied back, "Hello, I am his manager. [T]he video is for use only, purchased with a price of $1000."

Yeah, right, Alexa. As if I had that kind of money! Girl, I wish!

I told Alexa, "Go 'head then, with ya bad self!"

Travis was gracious enough to let me know that I do indeed have his permission to post this video below.

The fire happened at the AM/PM at 912 N 1st St. Bryant posted this video to the group around 8:15 p.m.

I hope that everyone over there at the AM/PM is okay!

The funniest comment on the Facebook post that I noticed was from someone named Oscar, who said, "Homeboy was just trynna fill up his tank with these worth dying for gas prices!"

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4="//townsquare.media/site/137/files/2020/05/Fire-in-the-Hole.mp4"][/video]


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