Long story short, I know someone (a friend of a friend of a friend) who was recently fired from his job at a local area store because he caught a shoplifter off the store premises. Since it happened off of the store's property, he was fired, even though he may have saved many from harm from the shoplifter who was carrying a knife. Is it fair?

The name of the friend trice removed (I'll call him Buddy), and the name of the store aren't so important so I'll leave those details out. What happened was Buddy works as a security man at a local store. Basically, to let people know he's watching them so they shouldn't shoplift and to the non-shoplifters to make them feel more safe.

Someone decided to steal from that store and Buddy, doing his job, chased the man across the parking lot. When Buddy almost caught up to the man, the shoplifter pulled a knife on him, which caused Buddy to jump back for a moment. Now he knows he's carrying a knife so that may put others in danger.

Buddy is a man who served our country in the military and the safety of others is his one of his primary concerns. If he pulled a knife on this man chasing him, no telling what he may do if he got away.

He ended up chasing the assailant off the store's grounds. He did catch up to him and held him until police arrived and arrested the shoplifter.

In doing exactly this, Buddy was fired because he left the premises. Once they're off the store's grounds, it's up to the police to catch him, but Buddy saw him as a threat and made sure he was held down until the police got there. If he didn't, the shoplifter would have, surely, gotten away.

So, I ask you, is it fair that he was fired? Yes, he went against store policy in the interest of public safety. I remember when I worked in retail, we weren't allowed to get involved because he were a liability. If we saw someone shoplift, we, basically, couldn't get in their way. We'd just call the police and have them take care of it - assuming we could get the license plate. Buddy may have saved someone from harm or even their life for what he did and now he's out of work.

Not to mention he's the sole income provider for his family including his wife and a few kids.

Let us know
And, by all means, if you know someone who's hiring and could use a man like Buddy, let me know and I'll get a hold of my friend who will get a hold of my friend who will get a hold of him for you.

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