Washington State is home to a lot of things, Amazon, Starbucks, Boeing there's no shortage of companies and inventions in the Evergreen State. From big to small, Washington is home to a lot of things, Food, household items, holidays, and games! 

I was born and raised over on the west side and some of these things I had no idea were once a Washingtonians dream come to life! If I missed something you think should have made the list let me know!

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     1) Bread clips!    

   Yes, Bread Clips were not only founded in Washington but in Yakima! Floyd Paxton developed the infamous bread clips back in 1952. It all came about when Paxton was on a flight home and had the standard bag of peanuts...but he realized there was no way to close the bag he had just opened. Using a penknife and old credit card, he hand-carved the first ever Bread Clip!

      2) Donut Makers!

   That's right!! Donut Makers were founded right here in Washington state after two marine enginers created them back in 1924 in the Seattle area. These deep-frying mixer machines would spit little circles of dough into a hot fryer cutting way down on prep time. They're still used to this day and you can see them in action at a Mariners game! 

      3) Backpacks

Not even a joke, backpacks were invented in Washington State. Seattle man Lloyd F. Nelson was on a hike back in 1922 using traditional seal skin packs when he was finally fed up enough to find a new means of transporting his gear. He created the first backpack out of wood framing and canvasing with removable pins and shoulder straps to disperse the weight evenly. 

      4) The Bass Guitar!!!

 Do you know that thing that's used everywhere in music? Well, it was created right in The Emerald City. Seattle Native Paul Tutmarc created the Bass in 1930. Surprising enough it didn't gain much momentum as an instrument until years later when Fender and Fullerton's rendition had come out in the 1950s

     5) Fathers Day!

 Yup! The day we honor our dads was started in good ol' Washington State. The June holiday celebrating dads everywhere was created by our neighbor across the way Spokane back in 1910. A woman by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd created the holiday after losing her mother at 16 years old. Her mothers Serman included someone talking about mothers day and Dodd decided then and there she wanted to celebrate fathers and make sure they received the same amount of appreciation. 

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