Natives and residents of Yakima have referred, and heard it referred, to as everything from "The Fruit Bowl of the Nation" to "The Palm Springs of Washington", "Yaki-Vegas", and, yes, "Crackima".

But how do people from elsewhere perceive our town and the valley? I did a simple YouTube search to find the top 5 Yakima videos and filtered by VIDEO and VIEW COUNT.

Here are some of the most-watched videos relating to Yakima:

5. Yakima County Jail - Uncooperative Inmate Fights Correctional Officer (78,960 views/April 1, 2016)
This video, uploaded by's channel, appears to be something of a training video for corrections officers. It depicts an inmate and and an officer getting into an altercation (at roughly :48 second mark) which turns to fisticuffs. It ends at approximately at the 1:13 mark when it appears that the inmate is tased.

4. Roadside Geology - Yakima River Rocks (86,999 views/February 22, 2013)
This video, posted by Central Washington University, delves into the unique geology we have in the valley by examining rocks in the Yakima River Canyon. CWU Geology Professor Nick Zentner is your guide who explores the "mysterious rock piles" at the 4:35 mark.

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3. House Fire in Yakima, Washington (108,989 views/October 13, 2008)
This is a heart-wrenching video of an elderly man witnessing his house go up in flames before his very eyes. Uploaded by user Iresh Green, the video's description reads: "This fire started in the garage and quickly moved interior. The fire was caused by a leaking fuel line on a truck. The house was a near total loss."
and for the love of god, STAY BACK, TIM!

2. Rattlesnake Ridge Yakima Washington. (134,649 views/January 14, 2018)
Putting the crack in "Crackima", this drone footage of Rattlesnake Ridge uploaded by user 2021boomer shows a very detailed image of the erosion that has occurred leading many to think it is just a matter of time before there is a gigantic landslide in Union Gap.

1. WWE Yakima, WA John Cena vs Kane match (591,288 views/January 14, 2012)
The most-viewed video pertaining to Yakima? Why, of course, professional wrestling! User RVDDVDTV posted this video of what was the main event at a WWE Raw house show in the SunDome featuring the legendary John Cena vs. Kane. I won't spoil who wins but the finishing move occurs at the 9:59 mark

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