Since the Old Country Buffet closed down just about 2 years ago, we’ve stared at an empty building since January 2021. Sadly, like many buffets, this restaurant was the victim of the pandemic and multiple shutdowns. It now looks like that building will be springing back to life soon, this time as a Japanese restaurant.

Rumors started swirling a couple of months ago about a Chuck-E-Cheese going into that location. When I drove by the building at 2513 Main St in Union Gap and saw a name on the building, I was confused. My wife informed me that the Chuck-E-Cheese was set to go into the bank nearby, but this place, FUJI, is a Japanese restaurant, and she was super excited.

Fuji Restaurant in Union Gap, WA

From reports, Fuji will be an Asian fusion restaurant owned and operated by the same owner as Yakima’s Kyoto Sushi & Steakhouse (located at 2405 W Washington Ave). As far as when this place will be open for business, only confirmed statement comes from The Valley Mall's website, and that is "Coming Soon!"

Fuji Restaurant in Union Gap, WA

What Is Asian Fusion Cuisine?

For people like me who rely on people like Guy Fieri to travel to flavor town for them, I had to ask my wife exactly what “Asian Fusion” was. I didn’t really care for her explanation, so, TO THE GOOGLE!

Asian Fusion uses traditional Asian-style ingredients, dishes and techniques to create innovative and flavorful new fusions. It is a cuisine style that typically combines Asian foods with the likes of traditional Mexican, American or other Asian-style dishes. - The Google


Are You A Fan of Asian Fusion?

Will you check out Fuji when it opens soon? What other Asian fusion places have you enjoyed? Tap the App and let us know your thoughts.

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