Picture it, it's 2020 and you have been out of work for a while. You spend your days drinking and walking around your house. For a change you walk outside to check your mail. Nothing! You look up to the sky and admire the view. You decide, I'll hang out in the backyard. So you walk back into your house, grab another drink (beer in the morning, hard-A in the evening) and walk to the back yard. You sit next to the tree. Even with all the problems in the world, you feel relaxed. At ease. One with nature. Now imagine you can do this routine (for the most part) and get paid for it!?!? That's exactly what Anheuser-Busch brewery is looking for. Someone to walk around and drink beer. Now, your walking around is less around your house, and more in nature, and walking is more like hiking, but still beer and paid!

Devils Backbone Brewery located in Virginia is owned by Anheuser-Bush and is located at mile marker of 842 of the Appalachian Trail. and they are looking to hire a "Chief Hiking Officer" according to Food & Wine.com. As the Chief Hiking Officer, you'd be responsible for hiking the Appalachian Trail through 14 states and attend certain beer parties hosted by Anheuser-Bush along the trek. The hike would cover half the year starting on March 1st, 2021. You'd get paid airfare to the starting point as well as your hiking gear. At the end, a $20,000 stipend to sweeten the deal!

The application process isn't as easy as just a job application. It involves wilderness experience as well as proving your up to the task in a four part process. If you do think you have what it takes, submit your application on the Devils Backbone Website before July 31st.

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