We've been hearing more and more about the relationship between hops and hemp lately. As the Yakima Valley is the hop capital of the Western Hemisphere, it stands to reason that hemp would grow and thrive plentifully in this region as well.
What kind of economic impact would the advent of hemp farms in the county have?
What is hemp? How is it different than hops and/or marijuana? Does it have THC or CBD? What exactly ARE THC and CBD?!?!

If you've been wondering or confused about this celebrated and stigmatized family of plants, then you may want to attend the "Hemp and Hops" event this Saturday and Sunday at State Fair Park.

Put on by the Industrial Hemp Association of Washington (IHAW) this two-day gathering is - in the IHAW's words, "...a hands-on educational opportunity designed to excite future consumers and empower the next generation of hemp industry pioneers. Explore the history and future of these cousin plants through workshops, discussions and keynote speaker sessions."

The keynote on Saturday (10/12) will be 13th District Senator Judy Warnick (Moses Lake).

The event run from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday (10/12-13).

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