It was the summer of 1966, and the Tri-Cities area was getting ready for the very first boat races. Old-timers will remember that it was Bill Brow who won that first year in Bernie Little's Miss Budweiser. Back then it was called the Atomic Cup, later the Columbia Cup, the Gold Cup for a brief minute, and now of course it's the HAPO Columbia Cup.

The Tri-City Water Follies and a whole mess of race-loving volunteers, use all the proceeds of the event to make Columbia Park improvements, scholarship donations, and contributions to local civic organizations. It's a weekend of good family fun coming July 23rd- 25th. But it wasn't always good family fun, I hear. Many stories are out there of how the boat races were in the 70s and 80s...topless women, drunk men, and drug use. I don't think the police in Pasco and Kennewick cared for the Columbia Cup back then at all. It was pretty out of control. But those days are over!
Planning for this year's event got a late start as the covid situation initially had the races canceled for the second year in a row. But once the word GO was given, organizers jumped into action, and have even managed to make sure Booster Buttons and Challenge Coins are available this year. For pit pass info (Kennewick side only) and to get your buttons or coins, visit the Water Follies Facebook Page.
And now, let's step back in time...31 years ago....for the 1990 Columbia Cup! Were you there?



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