The album that I was so excited for, only to have it be pushed back because of the pandemic was finally released! This was an especially painful hit for me, with the dumpster fire that was 2020, because I actually pre-ordered (with my own personal money) the album, Van Weezer! They decided to hold off on releasing this album, because, like most music acts, they release an album, then tour in support of it. Well, thanks to the pandemic, no tours, so they decided to shelve the album. All I have to say, better late than never!

It's not unheard of to say that artists are inspired by other artists. This album, in a way to me, sounds like the ultimate tribute. But it's also kind of a weird, off balanced sounding album. Many of the songs start out hard hitting, with a familiar ode to the classic anthems we love, but then Rivers Cuomo's beautiful voice kicks in, and it softens the song, until the chorus and then it hits hard again. It is definitely one of those albums that I've listened to many times already, just because of the dynamics.

What do I mean when I say "familiar ode"? Well, when it comes to their songs on Van Weezer, just take a listen to the opening riffs for The End of the Game (Van Halen), Blue Dream (Ozzy Osbourne), I Need Some of That (Aerosmith), Sheila Can Do It (Motley Crue). That's just some of them that my ears were able to pick up on in my first listen through. This album is a great turn, and in my opinion, the hardest hitting album they've released in a very long time. That being said, 2019's "Black" album seemed more poppy to me, their 2019 "Teal" album was great, but softer, and of course, their last album, 2021's "OK Human" is a great fusion of soft rock, acoustic, and orchestra music. Beautiful, but like I said, didn't hit hard in the rock category. Van Weezer hit where I wanted it too, and I think I found my album for the summer!

I'm super excited to hear how these songs will sound LIVE, now that they're able to hit the road again! Look for them as part of the Hella Mega 2021 Tour, coming to Seattle's T-Mobile Park on September 6th of this year! Keep it tuned to KATS, because you never know when we'll have tickets to this show featuring Green Day, Fallout Boy & Weezer! Plus it never hurts to get the FREE KATS Mobile App! You know... for those "Secret Contests"!

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