It has become one of the most requested businesses for Yakima. Anytime someone mentioned what stores or shops they'd love to see come to Yakima, every time there's a new business opening, so many wish for a Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's is great, sure, however Yakima already has so many great options for the same products.

People love Trader Joe's for a variety of reasons. Maybe because it reminds them of the small, hometown grocery store feel. The stores are traditionally intentionally smaller and offer a selection of fresh produce, an assortment of quality cheeses and plenty of Trader Joe's-brand items and snacks. Trust me, I'm a big Trader Joe's fan, too, and would welcome them to Yakima in a heartbeat but it's not like we really need one.

We already have Wray's and several other local stores that can already do the same thing.

If you like the local element, Wray's has always featured a selection from local artisans for meat, cheese and of course produce. Even local bakeries and more.

I do love the snack variety that Trader Joe's has. Those little tubs of chocolate-covered almonds and stuff like that. There's a wonder selection of exactly that at Fred Meyer as well.

Enjoy the Trader Joe's brand boxed meals like mac 'n' cheese and stuff like that? The Annie's brand you can find at most grocery stores is basically the same thing. Try them side-by-side, I can't tell the difference.

One thing I will give it up to Trader Joe's is their 'Two-Buck Chuck' where, though we have the best wineries in the world right here in the Yakima Valley, I don't believe there's a local winery that has stepped up with an alternative. Until then, that's one point for Trader Joe's.

Though I'd still love to see one I'm okay already shopping local.

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