You've heard the expressions: "Hot As Balls!" "Cold As A Witches Tit!" "Warm As Hell!" "Cold As Fuck!" But have you ever really asked yourself, "how hot are balls?" Well the average temperature of human testicles are about 97 degrees, but according to a Washington D.C. web designer, Jim Webb, "Hot As Balls!" only ranks in at about 84 degrees. How did he come to such a conclusion? Through Stats, Tweets, Sweat & Pain!

He created a program that scoured tweets dealing with temps, then geo-located the tweet and what the real-time/location of the temperature. After collecting over 5,000 tweets from August 2017 to January 2018, he was able to make comparisons and averages. Here's a chart courtesy of

Hot as graph

Webb's research was done for fun and totally "without merit." With Yakima temperatures in the triple digits this week, I'm surprised there aren't more sayings for triple digits... I guess when it gets that hot people just stop tweeting in order to conserve energy. For more break downs and graphs, check out the fine folks at

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