This 'How-To' is oddly ridiculous as nobody would ever need to turn their double-stuf Oreo into a standard, regular Oreo, but who am I to judge? Maybe you always buy Double-Stuf for yourself and you have a guest who doesn't want that much cream filling. Everyone takes regular oreos and doubles them up, but not the other way around - until now. Here's a step-by-step guide on turning the Double-Stuf Oreo into a regular oreo.

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    What You Need:

    You'll need a Double-Stuf Oreo and a knife. I suggest one that sharp and hot. A hot, metal blade might slice through the cream filling easier.

    Photo by John Riggs
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    Firmly grasp the Oreo with one hand. Not too tightly, though. You don't want to squeeze all the cream out and flatten it.

    Photo by John Riggs
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    Slowly slice the cream right down the middle. Then, when you have two halves, scrape off the remaining cream from one side, but not the other. Do whatever you'd like to this cream that you just scrapped off. Eat it, place it on a wafer, scrape it off to dispose of it - be creative!

    Photo by John Riggs
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    Rebuild and Enjoy!

    Place the cookies with half the cream back together and enjoy as usual.

    Photo by John Riggs