Imagine this scenario, you wake up in the morning, it's still dark, but you hear some noises outside. You peak out the window, just to see that it was the news paper delivery person. They dropped off the paper, but they forgot to leave the entire paper, so part is by your front door, the rest of it is at the end of the ramp. Your annoyed, but oh well, it's cold and early and they are probably in a rush to get all the papers delivered. They're doing their best, and you're just happy that they're out and about making an honest living!

You decide to head out real quick to grab the paper. It'll take you less than 30 seconds, it's early in the morning, and no one is out and about. Paper delivery person has already left, so why bother getting fully dressed. You sleep in the nude, you plan to read the paper in the nude, so might as well GO GET the paper in the nude. Out and back in, it'll be really quick. You open the door, oh man, it snowed, better get shoes on! You put on your size 9 1/2 New Balance shoes on and head outside. You pick up the paper that's by the font door, and then continue down the ramp to get the rest of the paper, in all your pantsless glory!


What you don't count on, is for the guy from UPS to show up & you with your package DOWN! Your forced to tuck and duck into your ground floor garage. But the UPS guy noticed and took these pictures and sent them to his favorite radio guy named Timmy! Timmy then decided to share this story with the rest of the world. Cheers!

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