The old saying goes, "Well, you know what they say about a man with big feet, right?" To which, knowing that I only wear size 8 1/2 shoes, reply "That he wears big socks!" Well now the myth is wrong and I'm finally right! Thank you, science!

Back in 1993, a study found that there was a tiny bit of truth to the myth that penis size and foot size were linked, but it was not a practical tool to use. Another study in 2002 published in the British Journal of Urology International found that there was no direct correlation. Further research by the Journal Human Andrology measured 1,000 men's Mr. Happys, but was not able to find any significant relationship to their little piggies.

To sum it up best, Dr. Jill McDevit, resident sexologist at CalExotics told Business Insider:

Penis size is not correlated with or predicted by shoe size or any other body part for that matter. It is determined by a combination of genetics and environmental factors, mostly in utero.

Sad news for clowns.
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