If you were one of the many who went out of town for the Memorial Day weekend, then you missed out on a night of comedy that will never be repeated. Why can't it be repeated? Because it's improv comedy, courtesy of Manic Thunder Improv and the 4th Street Theatre. Don't worry there will be futures shows, but with each of the shows being unscripted, audience influenced, off the top of the head comedy, you never know what will happen next.

The troupe has been entertaining the Yakima Valley of all shapes & sizes for the past 9 years but this past Saturday saw the the comedy troupe (Scott Mclaughling, Matt Trickey, Justin Mateo, Aaron Bennett, Tim Hubert, Perry Peltier, Julie Van Horn, Rob Messer) portray such scenes as a Klingon Love Story, Taylor Swift & Mike Tyson hooking up at a party, a pre-bank robbery traffic stop, the world's worst librarian, and an epic scene of a Mafia sting inside a local record store that specialized in cassettes & 8-tracks.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open to find out where Manic Thunder will strike next.


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