I went fishing this weekend -- like I always do! Four a.m. is the best time to do it because you can catch a lot of fish and there aren't a whole lot of people around yet. It is peaceful. Jeeps are actually quite peaceful while they are driving, too. But when you are trying to catch a fish and a Jeep lands in the water, you don't have much luck after that.Saturday, this guy in Ellensburg forgot to set his emergency brake or it just doesn't work. He backed his boat up and the parked by the lake to secure his boat.

Problem is, he forgot to secure his Jeep. His friends came and pulled him out, but I don't think he got a lot of fishing in after that.

On the bright side, Jeeps are made for muddin', so I think it will be all right. Thank God no one got hurt and it didn't dive in engine-first!

Photo by Kelly West
Photo by Kelly West

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