Over the last few weeks, several cats have been mutilated and killed leading Kennewick Police to believe that someone was purposely killing stray and household pet cats.

The case was pointing perhaps to a very sick individual that was killing cats for the fun of it or for sadistic reasons. The Kennewick Police have wrapped up their investigation and have come to a conclusion.

The KPD released this statement concerning the mutilations and killings:

Since May 28, 2020, Kennewick police officers have responded to seven (7) deceased cats that appeared to have been potentially killed by an unknown human suspect. These cases were assigned to our criminal investigations division to attempt to verify the cause of death and locate a suspect if they were determined to have been caused by a human.

During this process, remains were sent the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in hope of determining the cause of death. The findings from WSU determined the cats died as a result consistent with coyote predation.

Based on this report these cases have been closed. We want to thank everyone who offered their assistance during the investigation.

It looks like a coyote moving through the area was the cause of the cat killings and the KPD is closing the books on the case.

I know full well what a coyote can do to a cat. My family once had a cat that was left outside overnight and was killed by a coyote. Our family was devastated especially my four-year-old son at the time.

It's a somber reminder to bring your cats in at night but also good information so that if you live in Kennewick, you know it's not a human cat-killer out stalking the streets.

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