This may be the worst thing that I have ever heard about an animal. A car wash employee in Pasco looked in the garbage can out back and what he found was very disturbing: a duct-taped Chihuahua! How can anyone think of doing such a thing? A little helpless animal that only has the person they are with to rely on. The dog has been taken to the doggie hospital in Pasco, but is still in critical condition.  Reports say that they hope he will make a full recovery.

I guess I don't understand it. If the person didn't want this little dog, why they didn't take it to the Humane Society? Why in God's name would anyone duct-tape it? This is truly one sick individual! I hope that the Pasco police find who did this and string them up. I also encourage businesses to get cameras so they can see what is going on around their premises!


My dog is my hero! Love all animals!


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