Manic Thunder is a group of homegrown natives who have been entertaining the Yakima Valley for over nine years. Throughout the history of the group, they've performed for schools and colleges, hospitals and nursing homes, bars and clubs, the Central Washington State Fair,  convention centers, The Seasons Performance Hall, and have had long residencies in Selah, Glenwood Square and currently at the The Capitol Theatre's 4th Street Theatre.

During their time as a troupe they have racked up a number of shows, and by their math, Show No. 400 is coming this Saturday (Jan. 19). The great -- and sad -- thing about this group's shows is that nothing is ever repeated. That's great, because every show is brand new, but sad because if you missed it, you will never see it again. Four hundred shows that have never been repeated? How is that possible? It's called improv, where nothing is scripted, nothing is rehearsed. Everything is off the top of their heads.

Manic Thunder: Pic by Victor Rohret
Manic Thunder: Pic by Victor Rohret

The group -- which includes Matt Trickey, Scott McLaughlin, Julie Copeland, Aaron Bennett, Justin Mateo, Tim Hubert and Rob Messer -- takes audience suggestions and uses them to create short-form improvisational scenes. It's right off the cuff comedy gold. Laughs, sketches, food, drinks, prizes and even more LAUGHS! Judge for yourself this Saturday night at the 4th Street Theatre, right behind The Capitol Theatre! For more information and tickets, click here.

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