Don't be confused by the picture, I'm not the kid in the news story from USA Today, but I do have a strong love with LEGOs. I've played with the little plastic building bricks all my life. When I got a little older, and found the LEGO video games, I've played all of those on Xbox 360 & ONE. Hell, I've even 100% achievement completed all of them. (Roughly a 40 hour work week accomplishment). And a couple years ago when they created the LEGO Dimensions "toys to life" games & sets, oh man, I spent so much money that my wife doesn't know about! Like I said, I love LEGO. Now when I was a kid, I have to admit, I've swallowed some, not on purpose, I just had 2 hands and needed to take 3 pieces with me, bam, in the pie-hole for safe keeping. Just because I used my mouth to store a LEGO, I can honestly say, to the best of my memory, I've never used any other orifice, let alone my nose!

That brings us to the story heard on Todd & Timmy's Daily Dose of WTF! 7-year old Sameer Anwar of New Zealand, was playing with his toy LEGOs two years ago, and a piece went into his nose. Not sure if he was carrying it around and didn't have enough hands, or was trying to pick a nose nugget and called in for backup, either way, the LEGO piece went in, and it did not come out. He told his parents who took him to the doctor. Scans, and probes later, they could not find the piece. Assuming that it either fell out when no one was looking, or it kept going and will eventually make it's way out the other end of Sameer, either way the little guy wasn't suffering, so the family moved on. Fast forward to earlier this month. At a birthday party, the 7-year old took a big whiff of a cupcake and immediately felt a sharp pain. His mom, Mudassir Anwar, thinking he had accidentally snorted some crumbs, got him to blow his nose. Next thing you know, from the nose, a tiny black LEGO hand covered in mucus appeared. "His eyes were wide open and he was like, "Mum, I found the Lego!" commented Anwar to the New Zealand Herald.

The boy is in good health, although the remainder of the little LEGO man is currently unknown.


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