With the Magic 8-Ball doing above average in this past year's Football Pro Pick 'Em, I figure, let's have the dark arts give the NCAA Basketball tournament a try. Get in & keep track of the B-Ball excitement, and don't forget to keep tabs to see if you'll be a Magic 8-Ball Bitch with 94.5 KATS' 2019 Million Dollar Bracket Challenge.

How did I use the 8-Ball to pick? Well, The order that it was asked was the East, South, West and then the midwest Midwest. Each team that was listed first, was asked will "Will ______ beat _____?" For for the top left, "Will Duke (1) beat N Dakota St (16)?" The Magic 8-Ball chose N Dakota St (16) the victor! The 8-Ball's picks are below!

Remember, If you correctly predict 60 or more games, you win $10,000. If you correctly predict every game in the bracket, you win a million dollars! And if you get the best bracket in the Yakima area, you'll be able to watch next year's tournament on a brand-new 55-inch TV, thanks to Yakima Steak Co.! But don't worry, the 8-Ball is an inanimate object, so it can't win anything... damn it.


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