In the days where you can bring a little dog with you anywhere, or in some places, you can bring your pony with you into a grocery store (I'm looking at you Safeway). It seems everyone is trying to make their pet, their "Emotional Support Animal". Yes they can help, but what constitutes an animal & it's supportive nature? Well forget the animal all together. Little kids used blankies & plush animals all the time, but why are adults suppose to use? BEER!

Thanks to Brooklyn resident Floyd Hayes, for taking the first steps to get all of us the emotional support animal we need. He has attempted to register beer as his emotional support animal, mainly just because he wanted to see if he could do it! Why not? The world is wacky enough as it is!

He went to the service dog registration website for New York to get his beer registered as his service animal, making sure to check off the "No Training Needed" and that he the beer was to help with his "Social Anxiety Disorder." Hayes commented to the Brooklyn Paper how “I travel from upstate to Brooklyn a lot, and on the bus they say it’s a federal crime to smoke or have an alcoholic beverage unless by prior written contest, and I always wondered where you get that consent.  Not that I’m an alcoholic.

Heyes knew his request would be denied, he just wanted to see what would happen, "It was really just... an experiment." He also stresses that he didn't mean any offense and was not trying to make light on anyone who needs an emotional support in whatever form it takes.

Man sitting & having a beer
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