March 28 is "Weed Appreciation Day," but I don't mean just marijuana. (We'll celebrate that on April 20.)  I am talking about all nuisance weeds: crabgrass, dandelions, cocklebur, prickly lettuce and even carpetweed.

But the thing is, they taste good.Weeds drive a lot of people crazy. They are always in the way of our green beautiful paradise of a yard. Everybody wants the weeds gone, but did you know that the most annoying of weeds it probably one of the most nutritious? Extremely good for you and full of antioxidants to boot! You can also make wine with it!

If you said dandelions then you guessed right. Rodale's organic website suggests that you can get dandelions at any specialty store. But check it out, you probably have free yummy dandelions right in your backyard.

The European settlers brought them to the United States as a salad green. They also made wine with dandelions just by boiling them and adding some yeast and sugar. That is brilliant. You can also make beer, soft drinks and even some herbal remedies with dandelions!

Here is a list of other weeds to appreciate today!

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