Here's to weeds!
March 28 is "Weed Appreciation Day," but I don't mean just marijuana. (We'll celebrate that on April 20.)  I am talking about all nuisance weeds: crabgrass, dandelions, cocklebur, prickly lettuce and even carpetweed.
But the thing is, they taste good.
Google Searches Are Wacky Late At Night
What do you search for on Google? I love to search for new ways to cook things. Late-night Google searching is especially crazy! From 1 a.m. on, people search on how to roll a joint. Guess what the top search is though after 2 a.m.?
The virgin Mary Jane?
Praise God and Mary Jane! How would you like to go to a church that celebrates love, happiness and cannabis? Well, a new church is starting in Indiana called "The First Church of Cannabis!"
Dopers' delight
While the origins of the term "420" remain murky at best, the fact that there have been dozens of songs written about marijuana is indisputable.
Seemed like a perfect plan
Here's a word to the wise:
If you are going to illegally carry 11 grams of marijuana on you in an old sour cream tub, it's best not to label the container "Not Weed."
Free grass for vets?
One of my favorite alternative media sites on the web is BenSwann.com. Earlier this year, I had the chance to interview him on "The Big Show" regarding his "Truth In Media" project, which tries to present stories the mainstream media outlets won't touch or will not devote the req…

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