For a moment let's imagine that anything is possible, including the following details about funny waterpark themes for the Yakima Valley. At the conclusion of the list feel free to add your own theme to the poll and hope that at some point all our waterpark dreams come true!

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Hop Nation Waterworks

Bale Breaker Brewing Company Facebook
Bale Breaker Brewing Company Facebook

Nestled within the hops and rolling hills of the Yakima Valley this waterpark serves up the 21 and over the crowd with the finest local brews and can literally take you to new heights when it comes to the new THC varieties. Ride the lazy river and make pit stops or to-flow tap beers with orders of tacos and woodfired pizzas while tasting flights from light to dark while kicking back with your favorite people. Pop a top then challenge your friends to a trip down the Sip to my multi-lane racer! The winner gets to ride in front on the water coaster!

Wine n Dine Waterpark

Badger Mountain Organic Winery Facebook Page
Badger Mountain Organic Winery Facebook Page

Body surf or layout near the wave pools while you taste the finest wines the Yakima Valley has to offer and on occasion the grapes that make it too! Vineyard tours among the waterworks and as many different varieties of charcuterie as your heart could handle. Gorgeous weather with flight offerings across the board from sparkling and rose to white through blush to red and even dessert wines, while you sit amongst stunning water features. It will take your breath away and guaranteed will have you asking yourself, "is this the wine or the palm springs of Washington making me feel so fine?" The answer? Both! Mark your calendars for the sunset movie and dinner specials featuring themed floaties to take home and wine glasses too!

The Weed Waterpark


You can roast it, dab it, vape it, roll and smoke it and then slide down the craziest waterslides you have ever seen. Take a nap on the deck or on a floaty in the lounge pool then check the grazing table for all your favorite munchies! More into a bong and rip across the waves? You could take up surfing while learning to roll your own joint. It's all fun and games when it comes to the Hazy River man. Must be 21 to attend.

WaterPark Valley

Wet'n'Wild Opens In Sydney
Getty Images

Nestled in Union Gap this is THE premier spot for water lovers! It's the wettest, wildest, and most beautiful spot to take kids and adults for fun under the sun. Multiple water slides, water pools, water features, wave pools, and lazy rivers with an indoor water park that will take your breath away. Come for a day or stay for a week, the resort areas can accommodate the five-star variety all the way down to last-minute deals that will blow your mind. But wait, there's more! The food court boasts menus from around the globe. Ride the sushi boat while eating sashimi or a gondola while eating pizza! Ever wanted to see Paris? Well, you can at least ride the Eiffle Tower Slide and then swim right up to the table at croissant cafe, fresh out of the oven with an espresso sounds about right after wrangling the kids for hours. Childcare is included if you need a minute!

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