As heard on Todd & Timmy's show segment, "Daily Dose of WTF", riots are still going on world wide. One man tries to bring some peace, or at least memorable tunes to the flames and brick throwing! Popping up on twitter over the weekend, a video from Barcelona showing the riots. What makes this video of police trying to enforce the nighttime curfew is one main, sitting tall and tickling the ivories!

Someone who has more guts than I do, might be dumber than I, and who definitely can play piano way better than I can, comes the tune "Eternal Flame" made famous by the Bangles in 1988 on their Everything album. Watch the video below:

The middle-aged man can be seen sitting at his at a keyboard, wearing a t-shirt, light jacket and green face mask. He sits among the chaos, playing the beautiful tune, all while sirens blare in the background & police vans speed just feet behind him. He doesn't lose his place, or his cool, even with fires burning, and people are running by him throwing bricks.

In case you're curious as to why they are rioting in Barcelona, it is actually different than all of the protests/riots that we're facing here in the U.S. According to wikipedia, the riots/protests are due to "The sentencing of nine Catalan independence leaders in a 2019 trial by the Supreme Court of Spain."

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