Another Washington Bigfoot sighting may not appear to be what you think it appears to be.

A new reported Bigfoot sighting near Skykomish River at Sultan WA might be another hoax circulating the internet.

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According to Facebook poster Mark Vaughn, Bigfoot was spotted on the Skykomish River near Sultan Washington and he's convinced that the new sighting is legitimate.

facebook: bigfoot group
facebook: bigfoot group

Here is the original posting:

UPDATE: the sheriff's department just validated the photos, and the Finding Bigfoot team has been deployed to the Skykomish River in Sultan WA

I will update as information comes in.

- A Washington man is happy to be safe at home after a scary incident near Sultan wa.
A fisherman spotted a Bigfoot in the woods on the water's edge, and took these amazing photographs of the beast. “At first I thought it was a grizzly bear, but once I got a better look at it I realized it was definitely a Sasquatch.”

The Snohomish County Sheriffs Department is currently examining these photographs, but they are expected to verify their authenticity soon.

I did a little digging and sadly this appears to be a hoax that's been floating around.

The photos and lakes and towns have been changed multiple times and this sighting has been circulating all over Facebook but has been ruled fake news.

There is a legitimate website if you are a Bigfoot enthusiast that publishes actual Bigfoot sightings here in Washington. You can check out the website here.

No worries, if we get a legitimate sighting, we'll share it with you first!

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