"What if Bigfoot is NATURALLY blurry?" - Unknown

That joke rings in my mind with every video of the illusive Sasquatch that comes to light. The sad part about it, with many videos being labeled as hoaxes, the day that we do get a beautifully cleared video, that one will most likely be labeled a fake as well. You can't win for losing! But it'll be entertaining at the next Bigfoot-Con.

Not worrying about whether it would be labeled as real or a fake, the witness named Kelley filmed a figure walking along the hillside in a remote campground area in Oregon's Blue Mountains. She was trying to pinpoint the weird bipedal shape walking up the hill for her daughter, and decided to use her phone to film and zoom in so that her daughter could see the blurry mountain climber.

It was Kelley's 9 year-old daughter who asked aloud what it was that made Kelley realize that it this was something uncanny. The video, uploaded to the YouTube Channel Rocky Mountain Sasquatch, shows a human-like dark brown figure walking up a rocky hillside and then stopping abruptly and freezing in place.

The really odd part of this video is when the figure steps upward on the hill, you can see its arms and legs wave, and notice they're longer than you'd expect. Kelley felt an uneasiness after the figure stopped moving, and quickly got her daughter into their car and out of the area. Check the video out below.

Who knows, maybe Sasquatch was just trying to make its way to Washington where it'll be better protected!


Actual footage of Bigfoot or elaborate prank? Kelley believes in the footage she captured, but what about you? Tap the App and let us know your thoughts on this latest sighting in the Pacific Northwest.

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