For many people Thanksgiving is about the "Three F's"! Family, Food, and Football! But what if you're not a football fan... then what the "F" do you do? Even the non-sports fans need their own Thanksgiving television tradition!. For a vast majority that may include a parade of some sort or the timeless classic 1973 Peanuts cartoon, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. But what if you're not into people walking in the middle of the street and you're burned out of the same half hour cartoon you've seen for the past 48 years & and bald kids don't do it for you anymore, what the are you going to do? You could always sleep, after all, you're going to be sleepy, or you can check out one of these Thanksgiving Television Alternatives!

Mr. Bean and the Turkey!
This is traditionally a Christmas episode of the amazing Mr. Bean television series, but a turkey is a turkey, and when many are already in the Christmas mood, why not. Plus, surprisingly, Mr. Bean's Youtube page actually lists the episode as "Thanksgiving BEAN". No matter the holiday you celebrate with Mr. Bean, this is awesome! To check out the amazing Turkey part of the episode, check out the the 17:30 mark of the episode below.

WKRP in Cincinnati: Turkey's Away!
Arguably the most quintessential, uproarious Thanksgiving episode of a sitcom ever! The 1978 "Turkey's Away“ episode from the 70's TV show WKRP in Cincinnati. This episode is especially endearing to us in the radio business. Thanks to Youtube, you can get the news about the turkey's right from Les Nessman below!

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles
If Elf, or Home Alone is your Christmas Go-To film, then the 1987 film staring Steve Martin and the late great John Candy, needs to be your film for Thanksgiving! The whole point is getting back home to your family for the turkey holiday, and all the hilarious obstacle that can and will get in the way of that goal. Here's the trailer!


Adams Family Values
I love this movie, and to me, it is a great Thanksgiving film for two reasons. One, it's the Adams Family, so if you're still longing for Halloween, you got the 1st family of spooky to be entertained by. & two, this scene below that is the "re-telling of the first Thanksgiving".

Rick & Morty: Rick & Morty's Thanksploitation Spectacular
This one might be a little hard to find & watch (at least before home video release on December 7th), since it's one of the newer Thanksgiving centered shows I've seen in a while. Episode 6 of season 5 of the Adult Swim cartoon sees Rick & Morty becoming Turkeys in order to get a presidential pardon for all of Rick's crimes in the United States... AGAIN! Check out the cold open of the episode!


South Park: Helen Keller! The Musical
The timeless tale of Thanksgiving was made especially special for me in 2000 when South Park aired the Thanksgiving episode! This one not only featured Timmy, but his new pet Gobbles! Check the clip out below!

Whatever you watch, just enjoy... and try not to fall asleep!


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