Every man and many women at one time or another has thought about a Zombie Apocalypse. How would it happen, and more importantly, how would we survive? Where could we hold up and build a fort? Is a mall, like shown in Dawn of the Dead, really the best option?

For many of those questions, check out the book The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead, but no matter how you prepare, don’t do what this Oregon individual did.


According to reports from federal prosecutors, 30-year-old Austin Giger of Tigard, Oregon, allegedly broke into a Border Patrol office in Whatcom County and started loading up for the upcoming zombie uprising!

"Giger stated that he entered through a door of the building and began taking things that he needed to protect himself. Giger stated he believed he was in a zombie apocalypse."
- Jesse Miller (Homeland Security Investigations Agent)

The report states how a Border Patrol agent responded to an alarm after midnight on August 28th. The agent saw Giger with a Customs and Border Protection jacket on and body armor with ammunition, ballistic vests, a rifle magazine, OC spray, and radio.

This isn’t the first time Giger has had issues with the law. He has multiple felony convictions in Oregon, but it probably is his first time prepping for a zombie apocalypse. What would a ballistic vest or spray do against a zombie? If he had properly prepared, he would have had a crowbar and bicycle, and maybe a pint.


As of this writing, Giger is being held in custody pending his trial, which should his first detention hearing is set for this month.

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