"Planking!" "Owling!" "Cinnamon Challenge!" "Tide Pods!" "Condom Snorting!" What's going to be the next viral sensation sweeping the nation? It's the "24-Hour Overnight Camping Challenge!"

Now sure, we've all missed work for three days and hung out in front of a store for Black Friday sales, but this new challenge takes it to a whole other level.


This new challenge has teens to young adults (because hopefully we get wiser with age) attempting to hide in restaurants and big box stores by sneaking into the establishments just before closing and remaining undetected until the next day. Furniture and toilet paper aisles are some of the best hiding spots.

It looks like the trend started back in 2016 with two Belgian teens, and has since been sweeping the viral world with over 1.6 billion videos on YouTube. Not only is the trend getting many net clicks, it's also getting many in legal trouble, according to The Wall Street Journal, which cites loitering, safety and missing children issues.

I just hope the next trend is the "24-Hour Learning & Education Challenge." Might be bad for YouTube ... but it'll be good for humanity.

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