A Brazilian plastic surgeon is now facing time in the can, by working on someone's can. Denis Furtado, more commonly known on social media as "Dr. Bumbum" has a huge following with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Dr. Furtado (who we will refer to as Bumbum here on out) was performing a buttocks enlargement in his Rio de Janeiro home. If that's not bad enough, the patient took a turn for the worse and fell ill. He dropped her off at the hospital and then, according to the Agence France Presse (AFP), went on the run for five days.

Bumbum has commented to reporters, according to USA Today, how he was innocent of any wrongdoing. It's too soon for findings to conclude if Bumbum is responsible for the death of his patient, but a chemical commonly known as PMMA has been used in Bumbum's practice and has also been warned against using by The Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society.

While Furtado... sorry Bumbum, was licensed to perform his practice in some areas of the country, Rio was not one of them, and that is where the botched butt job took place. We'll have more on this story on the backside.

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