This morning on the Todd & Andy Show during "The Freaks" segment we talked about a guy who was an employee at the Royal Canadian Mint who allegedly pilfered nearly $180,000 CDN in gold 'pucks' by hiding them in his butt as reported by the Calgary Herald. Investigators were able to get to the bottom of it when they found a jar of Vaseline in the employee's work locker.

That led me to thinking about how versatile the human arse really is. Not only is it a waste removal factory it can also be used for mini-storage, musical entertainment as in Mr. Methane's "Flight of the Bumble Bee", which I personally didn't recognize from the clip and the butt percussionist from "Ukraine's Got Talent", sexual pleasure and of course create your own bubble bath.

Now let me "ass" you a question? What else can you do with your butt that we haven't mentioned here?

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