When the CRC Finals Rodeo is in town, it is often accompanied by the Rascal Rodeo. It's a great service for kids with special needs, giving them a chance to be in a controlled environment and learn how to use a lasso, milk a (fake) cow, see horses up close -- and even ride them. Best of all, it's free.

This is an event my kids and I have gone to for the past few years. It's a wonderful service and organization and can't thank them enough to give my children opportunities like this.

You're greeted upon arrival, your children get a free shirt and even neckerchief and hat if they wish. Then, from there, they're basically free to roam around the dirt-filled area and enjoy the different exhibits from horse riding (probably the most popular) as your child is well supervised and placed in headgear. Other events including riding a rocking barrel that resembles a bull, how to lasso, milk these fake udders and more. All in fresh dirt which is always fun.

It's a great time and a great cause. My kids and I wouldn't miss it.

The Rascal Rodeo is Jan. 11 at the Yakima Valley SunDome. If you'd like to attend, you must preregister.
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