It's a nightly ritual at my house.

My lovely wife asks, "What sounds good for dinner?"  I usually respond 99% of the time with "I don't care."  And it's not that I don't, because I do.  It's just a nicer way of saying, "I'm so hungry right now that I could eat the butt out of a skunk and whatever you prepare will be alright with me."

I better be careful.  The next time I answer with "I don't care," she may take me to this restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska!

i don't care restaurant

The "I Don't Care" Bar & Grill must have geniuses in their marketing department!  That, or they were founded by a bunch of fed-up moms and wives who got sick of hearing that answer and wanted to get out of cooking once and for all!

Either way, it's almost as brilliant as the first guy whoever named a tavern "The Office."

Of course, maybe they were just being completely honest.

Maybe I should open up a few restaurants here in Yakima that REALLY describe why you went there.  For instance:

The "We Promise It's Not Cat" Bar and Grill
or, "We're the Only Place Open at 3:00 A.M." Diner

Any others you can think of?  Please share in the comments below!