Some criminals are smart. Very smart in fact. Others...not so much. Like the guy pictured in the post below from the Richland Police Dept.

He might think he's made off with the goods and is Scott-free because he's wearing a mask. That's his first mistake. Social media embraces these bozos captured on security cams and eventually they are identified, and usually sooner than later. His second mistake is security protocols from the Washington Lottery. All of those scratch tickets he ran off with are coded and numbered. Once the store reports them gone, they will become a sort of GPS for law enforcement. If he gets some winners and tries to cash them...busted! So, what if he tries to cash them right away? It will still be logged and tracked down with additional security footage of that event once the ID numbers are reported. Want to sell a $20 winner to a partner in crime for $10 so they can cash it in and you still get a ten-dollar bill for your trouble? Then they will be caught and of course, it will all lead back to the original thief. So let's ID this dingleberry and hope he either learns his lesson or at least doesn't get to the point where he's a smart criminal.

Officer Herrera is asking for your help identifying the individual shown associated with a theft of approximately...

Posted by Richland WA Police Department on Wednesday, April 28, 2021


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