Two women from Washington State have been selected for Nasa's "Artemis Teams" which could be involved with several moonwalks over the next few years.

It's exciting news for us space geeks and science nuts and even more exciting that two of the first 18 Astronauts named to the project have roots in Washington State.

Anne McClain was born in Spokane and Kayla Barron considers Richland her hometown are just two of 18 Astronauts that will get a chance to make history as the first women to walk on the moon.

McClain has spent time on the International Space Station and has been a part of several spacewalks. McClain narrowly missed being part of the all-women spacewalk in 2019. Women have been walking in space since 1984 but an all-woman spacewalk almost occurred in 2019. A mix of men and women generally will do spacewalks outside of the International Space Station.

Kayla Barron who calls Richland her hometown hasn't been in space yet but is looking forward to the experience. She was born in Pocatello Idaho but made her home in Richland with her parents. She graduated from Richland High School in 2006.

It's pretty exciting news for Barron and McClain and both women are now on an elite team of astronauts that'll have an opportunity to be a part of several Nasa missions over the next few years that could include finally getting back to walking on the moon.

You can read more details on the two astronauts here.

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