There's an app for that, too
Dating apps -- or sex apps, as most people call them -- are growing rapidly. I am sure some people use them to actually find true relationships. But most people are just using them to get laid.
Best Eats On VD Day
Fellas, Valentines Day is not the day to whip out a Groupon or take your lady to a place with a 2 for 1 special. If you're planning on getting lucky then you're going to have to part with a few greenbacks. They say a good meal is the way to a man's heart but it is also the way to a wo…
Metal-Head Dating
There are tons of dating websites. Dating websites for animal lovers, for gay people etc. This is the first time I have heard of a dating website for metal-heads, but it is about time.
12 Hilarious Breakup Texts
It doesn't matter which way we spin it; breaking up stinks. (Unless, of course, you're the breaker-upper, in which case it's like a cause for celebration.) Either way, cutting the relationship cord has gotten a bit easier ever since text messaging hit the scene. As it turns out, break…
Cheap or Frugal?
Recently, my wife and I started using some of syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey's tips for getting rid of debt and increasing wealth.
I stumbled across this story on his website and wondered what the KATS audience would have to say about it.
OK Stupid, Time to Get Better at Online Dating
Online dating has become pretty standard practice these days, but many people still can't seem to master the art of the mating dance. Fortunately for us, this resulting Tumblr tag provides plenty of laughs, and also helps us know what not to say. Not that we need the help, or anything (we …
Dating Website Makes You Bid on Date, a new dating website that requires users to bid on opportunities to date attractive people, has taken gold digging and shallowness to the far end of extreme.
The website explains it's for those who "have high standards" and are "willing to pay&q…