It feels like a lifetime ago, but yet it was only 2 months that we got word that one of the biggest celebrations of all things nerd & fandom was canceled. Thanks to the spread of Coronavirus, this came as a huge hit to the entertainment as a whole. In the beginning it was meant to cater to fans, creators, artists and everyone in between in the world of comic books and superheroes. Now that some of the biggest blockbusters in history (movies, book, video games & television) deal with the very heroes that got their spots on the pages of DC & Marvel, it's no surprise that the San Diego Comic-Con is one of the biggest entertainment events of the year. But not this year. Thanks 2020!

This year, obviously looks to be different, but also could possibly be the best yet, especially since organizers are reworking the event so that anyone can experience it! All from the safety of your own house! Comic-Con International announced "San Diego Comic-Con@Home" and that it will take place from July 22nd and run through the 26th!

For the first time in our 50-year history, we are happy to welcome virtually anyone from around the globe,” David Glanzer, spokesperson for the San Diego Comic-Con said in a statement. “Though stay-at-home conditions makes this a very difficult time, we see this as an opportunity to spread some joy and strengthen our sense of community.”

CCI is promising an online version of it's Exhibit Hall, including the ability for fans to take advantage of promotions, specials as well as limited-edition products. Other online events will include a masquerade and gaming actives will be allow gamers to connect with each other. Plus you can not forget about the panels for all of us to get a sneak peak at upcoming releases in the worlds of film, TV, gaming and of course, comic books! More details will be released soon for the four-day event. It looks to be free to view, and encouraged to use the official hashtag #ComicConAtHome as you enjoy the virtual event.


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