With a new album in the works and scheduled for a July release, singer/songwriter Scott Stapp returns to Zillah's Perham Hall this summer for an Aug. 23 show -- tickets go up at 9 this Friday morning (May 24).

The Creed frontman spoke with KATS in 2017 before he played a sold-out unplugged set at Perham Hall. The August show will no doubt include music from his upcoming solo project, "The Space Between the Shadows ," which he has described as a diverse rock album containing some deeply personal and spiritual material. (Pre-orders for the album are available here.)

"The album symbolizes finding the light, coming out of the shadows and rediscovering a world full of color, full of light ...," he told Toni Gonzalez in a recent Loudwire interview. "It's a journey from the shadows into that light full of color and life and love. It's one of those records that tells a story from the first song to the last."

Despite his solo ventures, Stapp also told Gonzalez that he's open to further work with Creed.

But meantime, it's him and his new music -- right here in the Yakima Valley.

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