The Seahawks are deep into OTA's this week and offensive line coach Tom Cable is excited by what he sees.

He still wouldn't let on which position any of his new recruits were going to be placed.

"Everybody is learning two spots, really," Cable said during Friday's news conference.

That statement stands out quite a bit as indicative of how different the Seahawks approach offensive lines.

Most rookies are given specific position books to learn, Right guard, Left guard, etc.

In Renton, it appears they get two books to learn.

Cable sounds very confident in his offensive line system.

Cable thinks they have started to develop the young guys from last year's draft class as well.

"They are ready for camp," Cable said.

So are we.

I remember hearing during draft season that we have drafted 15 offensive linemen since Pete Carroll became head coach. Here's hoping these new guys stay in town longer than the last crop.

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