I can't explain it, but I love breakfast cereal. Just like new flavors of soda or candy bars, breakfast cereal is another food that features new varieties several times a year. There are a slew of new ones coming out between now and the first part of 2019.

Here's a few to watch out for.

Pop-Tarts: Strawberry
Pop-Tarts: Brown Sugar & Cinnamon
Frosted Flakes: Banana Creme
Honey Nut Frosted Flakes
Strawberry Krispies
Chocolate Berry Cap'n Crunch
Strawberry Shortcake Cap'n Crunch
Sour Patch Kids cereal (yep)
Cinnamon Toast Crunch: Churros
Fruity Lucky Charms

and they're also bringing back Chocolate Toast Crunch for a while. This had a limited run a year or two ago and they're doing it again. I'll take it!

Walmart is usually best place to find new cereal but places like Target and even Walgreens often times will have new cereal before places like Safeway and Fred Meyer. Helps just to shop around.

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