Do you ever see something that makes you stop and scratch your head?

Ask yourself out loud, "What were they thinking? They are supposed to be the experts!"

Then you realize that this is at a school, and you really wonder who is teaching who?

That's some of the thoughts of passersby at Pioneer Middle School at 1620 Russell Street in Wenatchee, WA.

Why are people confused and shaking their heads in disbelief… Solar Panels.

Solar Panel right by a tree
Pic courtesy of Duke Schneider

This isn't an article to debate the pros and cons of solar power; there are plenty of spots on the Internet that do that.

This isn't even an article to argue their presence on school grounds.

This article asks why, with so many nice and sunny spots, did they build a solar panel stand right by a tree. Why?

Sure, it will get some sunshine; we can see that thanks to this Google Street View:

Solar Panel by a tree
Google Maps

But why not put it somewhere further away from the trees to take full advantage of the sun?

"I don't know which came 1st, but you have several acres of school property that you could have installed this and have full sun all day. But you build it under a tree." – Duke Schneider (Feeling perplexed).

If there is a good reason for these being built next to a tree, besides the smart alack replay of "they're shade panels," please, Tap The App and send a message.

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Months of work go into these decisions, and I would genuinely love to know if there is an actual reason or if it was poor planning?

We'd love to share the explanation of this placement decision.

Solar Panel right by a tree
Pic courtesy of Duke Schneider

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