Taco Bell has been a staple restaurant for several years around the U.S. We've had locations here in Yakima for over 20 years and is always a popular spot for all. But what if Taco Bell also served margaritas, beer and more? Well, some are doing just that and I found one!

My friend was very eager to check it out and I'm glad I joined them. The layout was even different on the inside. You could see them cooking the food and those chefs would call out your name to hand it to you, not the cashier who's handling money also handling food. They had kiosks to order from or just order at the register.

Behind the register were four machines churning blended drinks. Margaritas, pina colatas, sangrias or you could get a spiked Mountain Dew Baja Blast. They also had a few beers to choose from. I opted for the classic margarita to go along with my tacos and nacho fries.

Needless to say, it was wonderful!

There are just a few Taco Bell Cantina locations around the United States including Las Vegas and the California coast. Fortunately, one of those locations is Phoneix, Arizona where I was just visiting recently so I was able to experience this glory to myself.

Our closest location currently is San Francisco with a location opening up soon in Sacramento. Nothing confirmed for Washington, Oregon or Idaho, yet.

If we do get a location in Yakima, it'll be hard to be the cycle. It seems many enjoy Taco Bell after drinking. This would satisfy both needs.

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