I’ve been married for just about 10 years. I met my wife through a mutual friend. That being said, I am no stranger to using technology to find love. In fact, my ex, after we broke up, found her new boyfriend on craigslist. I thought, if it worked for her, it might work for me too. I was able to find a nice couch on craigslist. It did make me smile that we were probably both sleeping on things we found on craigslist. That was over a decade ago, and the options for finding a date have come a long way!

So with all the dating apps out there, I asked Yakima which ones they have used. eHarmony was the big one, with Plenty of Fish, Zoosk, and Kik also being mentioned. Many mentioned how they just don’t work and have given up on finding love that way.

“They ALL are disappointing; paywalls to find ‘love’ are lame!”
– Keith Capetillo

There is one thing that maybe those who have not been successful should try next time they are giving the online dating world a shot. Include a cat!

Guy in a ski mask holding a cat
Pic courtesy of Margaret Beres

Include A Cat In Your Dating Profile Picture!

I guess the trope of “lonely cat lady” doesn’t really hold up anymore. A new poll was conducted by OnePoll for the brand World’s Best Cat Litter (source here). The poll compared 2,000 Americans, half who owned cats and half who did not. Regarding marriages, both groups were pretty much the same at 79%. But when it comes to just being in a relationship, cat owners were more likely to be involved at 92% vs. 89%.

Here’s the kicker, when it comes to owning a pet, 72% (across the board) found owning a pet to be more attractive. When looking for love, pollsters in both groups said they’d be more interested if a cat was in the profile picture (75% pet owners/ 61% non).


What if you Don’t Own A Cat?

Don’t lie. In the same poll, 4 out of 10 people said that they have gone on a date just to hopefully meet the pet. Allergies are also a factor, but if you openly hate pets, that is a major turn-off in both camps surveyed.



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